5 Trailer Repair Tips to Prevent Big Problems on the Road

Follow these trailer repair tips from the trusted mechanics at M&L Truck Service for the longevity of your big-rig setup!

1. Routinely Check for Air Leaks

Be alert for air leaks in your truck and trailer. In general, a hissing sound means air is escaping somewhere. Your truck should alert you if air pressure is low in your tank. If you notice sounds or problems with your air pressure, pull over as soon as it’s safely possible. In any case, it’s wise to routinely inspect your truck and trailer for air leaks. For trailers, visually inspect all lines and hoses. If the leaks are too small to visually identify, a spray of soapy water will reveal the leaks via bubbles.

For any replacement parts or to have this service completed by our trusted team, get in touch!

photo of trailer repair trick bubbles find air leaks

2. Check Oil in Hubs

On tractor trailers, the hubs need oil to stay lubricated. They require gear oil, which should be filled to the designated “Full” mark on the hubcaps. If performing this service yourself, wait a few minutes, because you want to ensure the oil stays at the “Full” mark. If your oil is milky looking or several years old, you may want to have our experts perform a full change out.

3. Grease Regularly to Avoid Trailer Repair Problems

A small tube of trailer bearing grease today could save you hundreds or thousands in truck trailer repairs next year. This is because routinely greasing your trailer bearings prevents rust, corrosion, and wear and tear. Our parts department carries several grease options depending on your preferences and trailer. Give our parts department a call, and we’ll guide you to the best investment for your trailer bearings!

4. Complete Regular DOT Inspections

If you’re staying up to date with your DOT Inspections, you’ll have a routine opportunity to find and identify problems with your trailer. The thorough inspections completed by the M&L Team will reveal any issues with your truck or trailer, as well as completing your DOT obligation. Our experienced mechanics can also complete your trailer repair, so you can keep on rolling!

5. Do Thorough Daily Driver Inspections to Detect Necessary Trailer Repair

As the daily driver of your truck, you are the only one who sees it every single day. Performing thorough daily driver inspections will not only keep you and others safe; it will alert you to any little issues early, before they become big problems. As always, our team is here to help you with any truck or trailer repair that you need!