3 Things Experts Won’t Tell You About Semi Truck Transmission Repair

Semi truck transmission repair mechanics may not tell you everything you need to know. Because transmissions are complicated with numerous moving parts, many people don’t know what to expect. Below, we’ve outlined three of the most common things your mechanic won’t tell you about your repair service, but we think you need to know.

1. What Parts They Use for Semi Truck Transmission Repair

Some repair shops might not tell you what parts they used for your service. At M&L, we believe in full transparency. We choose reliable, tried-and-true parts so our customers don’t have to come back for the same repair. In addition, we have no problem disclosing which parts we used for your transmission repair. Any customer is free to ask for an itemized list of parts. Plus, we offer a full warranty on all of our services— including the parts we use!

photo of transmission repair completion

2. What the Problem Was

Sadly, there are times when a mechanic won’t tell a customer what the problem truly is. At M&L, we never try to pull one over on our customers. Our mechanics would happily share exactly what was wrong with your transmission. Plus, we are happy to go over the step-by-step of how we completed your transmission repair — if you have the time to listen! You can be sure that our mechanics will never misrepresent what was causing your transmission issues or overinflate the work done.

3. Use Your E-Brake

Lastly, other mechanics may not share that you should use your emergency brake when parked on hills. This is because without the e-brake, you are relying on your “park” gear, which can suffer from wear and tear. Choosing your e-brake puts pressure on the brakes rather than the transmission system, which could result in needing fewer repairs!

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