Crane Inspections: FAQ

“Why does my crane need to be inspected and how often?”

According to OSHA regulations, all active cranes must be annually inspected. Daily or weekly usage wear on important crane components. Usage wear on a crane is no different than on a vehicle, it can lead to a breakdown — or worse, a dangerous failure that puts you, your team or your company at high risk. Scheduling a routine crane inspection can avoid any catastrophic break downs and help identify potential problems.

“How long does the inspection take?”

The inspection is fairly quick considering the detailed process and is wrapped up within 3 hours. Here at M&L Truck Service, we monitor when your equipment is due for an annual inspection so we can schedule it with your normal maintenance to avoid extra unnecessary trips.

“Who is qualified to inspect my crane?”

We have three technicians here at M&L Truck Service who are certified for crane inspection. As part of their certification, they spent hours in the classroom and in the field prior to completing a written test to earn their certification. They directly gained experience of crane maintenance, servicing and repairing, modifying and functional testing of cranes and hoist equipment.

“What is the actual process… what is inspected?”

The overall functional operating mechanisms will be checked to ensure proper operation, such as wear points, labeling check for ratings, an inspection of the cable stretched out, hardware checks and checks for any deterioration or leaking in lines, tanks, valves or other parts in the hydraulic systems.

It may seem time-consuming to schedule an appointment for your crane to be out of service for inspection, however, these checks are necessary to ensure the safety of you, your workers, and your company in preventative care. Call M&L Truck Service today to set up your next crane inspection and ask about how we can bundle it with your normal maintenance to cut back on downtime.