Truck Dashboard Symbols & Meanings

What Do Your Truck Dashboard Warning Lights Mean?

When you’re on the road a lot, your vehicle experiences wear and tear. While this is normal, those who frequent the road have become familiar with the dreaded dashboard warning lights: symbols that occasionally pop up on the dashboard to alert the driver that there may be an issue with their vehicle. For your convenience, our ASE-certified mechanics at M&L Truck Service have provided information regarding what each dashboard warning light symbol means.

Oil Pressure

1. Oil Pressure Light

When this sign pops up on your dashboard, that typically indicates that there may be a problem with the oil pressure system on your vehicle. If this sign is left unattended for too long, this issue can cause further damage to your vehicle’s engine. 

Tire Pressure

2. Tire Pressure Warning Light

This truck warning light symbol often means that your tire pressure in one of your tires is either too high or too low. This should be checked as soon as possible as driving on uneven tires can be unsafe. 

Engine Temp

3. Engine Temperature Warning

This dashboard warning light symbol indicates that your engine is overheating and needs to be serviced. Several factors can cause this, so it’s essential to have it taken care of as soon as possible. 

Traction Control

4. Traction Control Light

This sign typically appears on your dashboard when you’re driving through weather conditions such as rain or snow. When this light shows up, your vehicle is making you aware that your traction control system is activated to help keep you safe in inclement weather.


5. Anti-Lock Brake Warning Light

If the anti-lock brake symbol appears on your dashboard, that is often a cause for concern, as this symbol indicates that the system is not functioning correctly. Our service technicians care about your safety and will ensure the job is done right. 

Traction Malfunction

6. Traction Control Malfunction

This dashboard warning light symbol indicates that your vehicle’s traction control system is not working correctly. This system can also indicate brake issues, and the traction control system operates the anti-lock brakes. Our experienced technicians can help assess the situation!

engine warning

7. Engine Warning (Check Engine Light)

This symbol is commonly referred to as the “check engine light” and can appear for various reasons. This can appear for severe issues such as engine malfunction or possibly even just for low engine oil pressure. When this appears, it’s best to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Luckily, we can help!

battery alert

8. Battery Alert

This dashboard warning light symbol indicates that there may be an issue with your vehicle’s battery. This can mean various things, such as it is not charging correctly, the battery is loose, or it can even indicate that you may have a broken alternator belt.

low fuel

9. Low Fuel Indicator

This symbol indicates that your fuel level is dangerously low and needs to be refueled as soon as possible. Driving on a low tank can often cause severe damage to your vehicle and cause issues such as vehicle failure or overheating.

Automatic Shift Lock

10. Automatic Shift Lock or Engine Start Indicator

This dashboard warning light symbol typically indicates that you’re trying to shift gears while driving, or you’re starting your vehicle, and your brakes are not engaging. For your safety, your vehicle’s automatic shift will lock your car in place until the brakes engage.

SeatBelt Reminder

11. Seat Belt Reminder

We all know what this one means! This safety reminder helps ensure you’re strapped in properly as you head out on the road.

Airbag Indicator

12. Airbag Indicator

This dashboard warning light symbol alerts you when there is an issue with your airbags or something much more severe, such as the system as a whole. This should be addressed as soon a possible to ensure your safety on the go.

security light

13. Security Light

This symbol appears when your auto-theft system is malfunctioning. Have it checked out with our team today!

fog lamp indicator

14. Fog Lamp Indicator

The fog lamp indicator appears on your dashboard when you are using your fog lights. These lights should only be used when the weather permits and should be turned off when you exit your vehicle.

windshield wiper

15. Washer Fluid Indicator

Washer fluid dashboard warning lights appear when your vehicle’s windshield washing fluid is low and needs to be topped off. Stay one step ahead and keep some with you on the go.

Diesel Particulate Filter warning light

16. Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel particulate filter warning lights appear when passive regeneration has failed and active regeneration is necessary. Active regeneration can usually be performed by adjusting the way you drive your truck.

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