Engine Rebuild

Restoring Performance

The engine is a critical component within your commercial vehicle, and if it begins to have an issue, our expert team is here to get running strong again. M&L Truck Service specializes in engine rebuilds for Maryland and Delaware with highly qualified technicians who perform this service on many makes and models. We can do this work on your commercial fleet, including light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, dump trucks, semi-trucks, and sales vehicles, as well as your RV. Our mission is, “We pledge to provide you with friendly, high quality, and timely service,” because we know how essential a commercial vehicle is to your company fleet, and we want to ensure the job gets done swiftly and correctly. Customer input is at the top of our priorities because our goal is to give them all the information possible to decide whether to move forward with an engine rebuild In Maryland or go another route and get a replacement. Our team will consult with you about the diagnosis, the possible actions, price, and length of the service. You can count on complete transparency and our highly trained team to rebuild with precision and efficiency so that you can count on the engine for many more years. We always say M&L Truck Service is, “Reliability To Keep You Rolling!”, and choosing us for an engine rebuild in Maryland will make your commercial fleet even stronger. If you detect an issue within your engine, request an appointment with us.

Top-Notch Service

We begin with a rigorous inspection of the engine to determine what is causing the problem. As we learn about the issues and decide how to make the repairs, we will communicate this information with you, so you remain up to date on the process. We do all sorts of work from parts replacement to a more in-depth engine rebuild in Maryland, where we disassemble much of the block and put everything back together with new components. We understand cost is a determining factor in what you want to do, and we will relay all these details. The type of vehicle can change the best path because the cost to rebuild a smaller engine may be more expensive than replacing it with a remanufactured engine with a warranty. However, the cost of an engine rebuild in Maryland for larger commercial vehicles may be much less than getting a complete engine replacement. With many different scenarios, we want to give you our professional opinions and let you make the ultimate choice. When we do the engine rebuild, we use high-quality components, so the engine has an extended healthy life. Our talented technicians meticulously do the work to ensure every piece is in the perfect place for ultimate optimization. Each engine rebuild in Maryland is done at an efficient pace because this commercial vehicle is so important to your business, and we want to get it promptly back in service. Choose the best by selecting your local engine rebuild shop in Maryland to get your commercial vehicle running back at full strength.

Experienced Team

Begin the engine rebuild process by making an appointment request with our online form. Tell us the problem you are having, what kind of vehicle needs service, and any additional information to help us with the diagnosis. Our outstanding technicians have many years of experience working on commercial vehicles and doing engine rebuilds in Maryland, so your fleet is in great hands. This knowledge is crucial to understanding why an engine may have issues, making the necessary changes to restore its performance, and doing it in a cost-effective manner. We are here to get your motor running strong and efficient once again. Call M&L Truck Service at 410-754-5531 or fill out our appointment form to plan an engine rebuild.

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