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Affordable Truck Maintenance In Maryland

The United States heavily relies on the commercial trucking industry. So much so it’s estimated that commercial trucks are responsible for carrying and delivering over 70% of our country’s cargo and freight just within the last calendar year. This brings to mind the importance of commercial truck maintenance and the many benefits it provides drivers, trucks, and your never-ending delivery schedule. The service experts at M&L Truck Service are here to offer superior commercial maintenance with our trusted team. Our premier commercial truck center, located in Federalsburg, MD, is here to help our valued customers “Keep On Trucking,” as we provide affordable and efficient heavy-duty truck maintenance. Learn more below!

Truck Preventative Maintenance Checklist

Every 10,000 miles or so, your truck is due for routine maintenance to help keep things running smoothly so you can complete your daily tasks the way you need to. Our truck preventative maintenance checklist lists the essential services your truck should be undergoing to prevent any major issues. This includes:

Oil and Filter Change – Oil and filter changes are necessary to care for your engine properly. This routine service rids your truck of excess expired oil and replaces it with fresh fluid to help prevent damage, including engine failure, rust, and more.

Rotate Tires – When you’re on the road, there is no doubt your truck is running into unpredictable terrain that can damage your tires over time. Rotating your tires helps prevent uneven wear and tear, so you get the most use out of them. In addition to this service included in our truck preventative maintenance checklist, it’s also essential to make sure you adjust the air pressure in your tires every so often, especially if they’re running low!

Check Belts, Hoses, and Fluid Levels – Ensure everything is working correctly under the hood of your truck by having one of our experienced service technicians check your belts, hoses, and fluid levels. After another 10,000 miles, it’s essential to make sure there is no wear or tear.

Check Your Brakes – Your brakes are one of the most critical parts of your truck, so it is essential to care for them properly. Having them checked regularly is necessary to promote vehicle performance and your safety!

Lubricate Steering, Chassis, Suspension, and Driveline – Make sure necessary parts are functioning correctly with regular checks along with lubrication to prevent rusting.

Drain Your Fuel Filter – Like having an oil change, the service rids your truck of any expired fluids slowing you down!

Replace Fuel Filters – The last service on our truck preventative maintenance checklist is replacing your fuel filters to help out your engine. 

Have a few questions about the services listed on our truck preventative maintenance checklist? Contact us today! We’re here to help.

Schedule Heavy-Duty Truck Maintenance

Caring for your heavy-duty truck is necessary to keep it around for the long haul. But when you service with the professionals at M&L Truck Service, it’s a piece of cake. Schedule an appointment today to participate in any of the services listed on our truck preventive maintenance checklist. See you soon!