Light Duty Vehicles

Efficient Auto Repairs for Light-Duty Vehicles

Having your vehicle serviced regularly is a must to keep it in working condition and to extend the longevity of your vehicle. At M&L Truck Service, we offer top-quality auto repair and maintenance services for all kinds of light-duty vehicles. Bring your car or light-duty truck to our shop and our skilled technicians would be happy to check and assist with repairs. Walk-ins are welcome and appointments can be made online here. Our mission is to keep you on the road rolling in no time.

Extensive Range of Auto Repair and Services

Below are the most common services we work on. If you have a question about your vehicle, we’re happy to schedule a consultation to assist your repairs.

  • Brake Services
    (Pads, rotors, brake lines and calibers)
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Ignition
    (Spark plugs, wires, coils, distributor repair)
  • Cooling Systems
    (Water pumps, radiators, hoses repair)
  • Suspension & Steering
    (Ball joints, shocks, tie rod ends, springs)
  • AC Systems
  • Lube or Oil Change
  • Electrical/Electronic Repairs
  • Interior Repair
    (Seats, shifters, windows, doors and switches)
  • Gasket and Seal Replacement
  • Engine, Transmission Replacement & Repair
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Local State Emissions Testing