Medium Vs Heavy Duty Trucks

Efficient Commercial Truck Repairs

In the commercial trucking industry, your truck becomes your second home on the road. You spend long nights along the midnight highway and numerous hours a day as you push on to make your deliveries one stop at a time. The experts at M&L Truck Service acknowledge that your truck is much more than just a large piece of equipment. Your truck becomes your constant companion on the go, a place of rest in between jobs and a source of familiarity on uncertain paths. Those working alongside our professionals in the commercial trucking industry understand the importance of heavy duty truck and trailer repairs. This type of maintenance is essential and needs to be done regularly by a trained professional. We invite you to enjoy superior, high-quality services for medium and heavy duty trucks at our semi-truck repair shop. Unsure about the differences between the two? Let's dive in!

Medium Duty vs. Heavy Duty

Medium duty trucks refer to truck classes 4-6, which have a gross vehicle weight rating range of 14,001- 26,000 lbs. Medium duty trucks are used for a variety of lighter duty applications, from garbage trucks to delivery trucks, firetrucks, school buses and more, a medium duty truck can be customized to meet your application needs. Any vehicle exceeding 26,001 pounds is considered heavy-duty. Examples include city transit buses, mobile cranes, cement mixers, refuse trucks, and tractors designed to pull refrigerated trailers, dry vans and other equipment. These types of vehicles are primarily used for long-haul transportation and are classified as classes 7-9. No matter which category your commercial truck falls under, maintenance is still essential! Heavy duty truck and trailer repairs offered by our experienced team members help keep your vehicle in top condition, so you don't have to sacrifice any precious time on the go. Our heavy duty truck repair shop offers various necessary services prepared to make your life easier today. Want to learn more? Let's go!

Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Repairs

When you visit us at M&L Truck Service for commercial truck repairs, you'll enjoy a variety of services. A selection of our services offered include:

- Brake Maintenance and Repairs
- Exterior Lighting Services
- Cooling System Repair
- Suspension Repair
- A/C Tuneups
- Oil Changes
- Interior Repair
- Electrical Repair
- Wheel Alignment
- Custom Exhaust Work
- Gasket and Seal Replacement
- Tractor Trailer Repair
- Truck Frame Repair
- Flat Tire Prevention
- Diesel Injection Pump Repair
- Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer Repair
- So much more!

Enjoy high-quality heavy duty truck and trailer repair with our experienced team! Visit M&L Truck Service today or schedule an appointment! Appointments can be made online here. We know how important your time is especially with fleets, that’s why our mission is to get you back on the road rolling in no time!

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