Medium/Heavy Duty Vehicles

Time Sensitive Repairs for Trucks and Trailers

The maintenance of trucks and trailers is not an easy task and definitely requires a trained professional you can trust. Medium to heavy-duty vehicles need to be checked and serviced regularly. At M&L Truck Service, we are well equipped with highly trained and experienced staff to assist you with a variety of auto repairs for your truck or trailer. Appointments can be made online here. We know how important your time is especially with fleets, that’s why our mission is to get you back on the road rolling in no time!

Variety of Auto Repair Needs and Services

Below are the most common services we work on. If you have a question about your vehicle, we’re happy to schedule a consultation to assist your repairs.

  • Brake Services
    (Pads, rotors, and brake line repairs)
  • Exterior Lighting
    (headlight repair, brake light repair and more)
  • Cooling Systems
    (Water pumps, radiators, hoses repair)
  • Suspension Repair
    (Ball joints, shocks, tie rod ends repair)
  • A/C System
  • Lube or Oil Change
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Interior Repair
    (Seats, shifters, windows, doors and switches)
  • Gasket and Seal Replacement
  • Custom Exhaust Work
  • Engine Transmission Replacement & Repair
  • Truck Tire Prevention with AmerSeal Coating
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Front End Alignment
  • Crane Inspections
  • Truck Frame Repair
  • Tractor Trailer Repair
  • Diesel Injection Pump Repair
  • Flat Tire Prevention with AmerSeal Coating