Commercial Truck Repair

Full-Service Commercial Truck Repair

Taking a truck out of commission can disrupt your business and hurt the bottom line. That is why our expert technicians strive to perform repairs in a fast and precise manner, so your commercial vehicle is back on the road completing the jobs your company needs. Our full-service commercial truck repair shop will do routine maintenance and major repairs if something unexpected occurs. We are your one-stop-shop for maintenance because we specialize in servicing your entire commercial fleet, including light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and vehicles for executive and sales teams. We use the best parts for our commercial truck repairs to ensure optimal, long-lasting performance, so your business has peace of mind that the service done by us was completed with exceptional care. Our mission is, “We pledge to provide you with friendly, high quality, and timely service,” because we understand the importance of having a reliable commercial fleet that helps your business excel. We will be the dependable hands that keep your vehicles running healthy. To receive top-notch commercial truck repair and service, request an appointment at M&L Truck Service, where we like to say, “Reliability To Keep You Rolling!”

Variety of Maintenance Services

Our highly trained technicians perform many tasks in our service center, from regular work to heavy repairs. Here is a list of the many jobs we do:

  • Air Brake Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Unit Service (APU)
  • Body Work
  • Cooling Systems
  • Diagnostics
  • Department of Transportation Inspections (DOT)
  • Electronic Control Modules (ECM)
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Fluid Changes
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Lift Axles
  • Lights/Electrical
  • Maryland State Inspections
  • Rear Ends/Axles
  • Tire Care
  • Transmissions
  • And More!

A trusted staff with more than 30 years of experience working in our service center will perform these commercial truck repairs. We will be friendly and professional while providing transparent information about your upcoming maintenance. As you can see from above, we provide service for every area of your commercial vehicle, and we only use high-quality parts to ensure your fleet runs strong and stays on the road longer. Our service advisors will also work with you to develop a maintenance plan, so you know when different components and systems will need a refresh. Request an appointment with the experts in commercial truck repair, and M&L Truck Service will take great care of your fleet.

Schedule Commercial Truck Service

Request an appointment by clicking on our link below. Let us know if your company has had vehicles serviced here before, what kind of maintenance is desired, and the requested service date. We do our very best to accommodate the date requested, and a service advisor will be in contact to confirm the appointment time, as well as how long the vehicle will be in the shop. We strive to complete commercial truck repairs with speed to ensure your vehicle is back in the fleet, helping your company continue running a high-quality business. We are proud of our experienced team because trucks change year over year, and this knowledge carries over to providing outstanding maintenance when you choose us. They have worked on many makes and models and seen the evolution of parts and systems. They can make the best changes that result in extending the life and increasing the performance of your commercial truck. Our team is here to help your business with all your commercial truck repair and service needs. Complete our form below to request an appointment, and we will be in touch to confirm. Give us a call at 410-754-5531 for more information. You can count on M&L Truck Service for dependable service that will keep your fleet on the road.

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