Tips On Sharing The Road With Trucks

Sharing the Road With Trucks

Tips on Sharing the Road with Trucks

Getting from point A to point B should be as easy and safe as possible. While on the highway, you will inevitably be sharing the road with semi-trucks. Most of the time, while we’re in our sedans or SUVs, we don’t understand the limitations of commercial trucks. Sharing the road with trucks is something all drivers should do to keep the highway safe. Here are some tips from M&L Truck Service to ensure everyone’s safety is prioritized while sharing the road with trucks.

Defensive Driving

This number one tip we all learned in Driver’s Ed also holds true when it comes to sharing the road with larger trucks. It’s always important to stay alert behind the wheel, especially around larger vehicles. Remember, your smaller vehicle can react quicker than the semi-truck in the lane next to you. Keep your eye on other vehicle signals, the weather conditions, and the current traffic flow.

Sharing the Road With Trucks

Quickly Pass

It’s easier for your vehicle to maneuver around a truck than the other way around. Try to pass by as quickly as possible when you’re sharing the road with a truck. You also typically have more room to leverage on the shoulder. Instead of lingering side-by-side, try to cruise by quickly.

Check Your Lights

This tip for sharing the road with trucks usually only applies to driving in the dark. Larger trucks have larger mirrors, which means light reflects even brighter in the driver’s eyes. Always try to dim your lights when traveling a block away from a Semi to prevent temporary blindness.

Avoid Their Blind Spots

It’s important to remember the blind spot of a commercial truck is the right side of the vehicle, the front of the cab, and directly behind the truck. You want to avoid these areas as much as you can when sharing the road with trucks.

Sharing the Road With Trucks

Use Your Signal

One of the most important pieces of etiquette of driving often gets overlooked. Signaling is one of the most essential tips for sharing the road with truck drivers. Allow a minimum of three seconds to signal drivers before you make your move. It should go without saying, but you should never cut another vehicle off, especially a semi-truck. As we explained, their reaction time is delayed, and their stopping distances are longer. Always triple-check to ensure you can see the truck's entire front before switching lanes.

Drive Safely

While M&L Truck Service specializes in commercial truck repairs and inspections, we also make driver safety our top priority. Next time you’re sharing the road with trucks, keep these helpful tips in mind!

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