Why Is My Truck Overheating?

Truck Overheating Causes

You find that your truck is overheating, you’ve addressed the issue now it’s time to ask – Why is my truck overheating? While it could be a number of factors, ML Truck Service would like to provide you with five major contributing factors as to why your truck is overheating.

Head gasket leaking coolant: Among truck overheating causes, this is one that needs to be addressed promptly and with thoroughness. Make sure a mechanic checks your system with a fluid tester for CO2. A cracked head or cylinder wall is a serious problem that should be addressed immediately by the careful eye of a mechanic.

Cooling fan not working or fuse blown: Once the temperature rises to a certain level, the truck turns on the cooling fan. If that does not occur, there are a number of things that can attribute to the error. The first being the fuse. Once it has been verified that the fuse has not been shorted, the next step would be to address any sensors. After exhausting those options, there is a possibility that the motor for the fan is defective or a possible wire shortage exists.


A collapsing radiator hose will shut down your cooling system: While usually caused by a vacuum, it is also potentially a sign of a cooling system blockage or a bad radiator cap. When a radiator hose collapses, this will prevent coolant from moving through your cooling system and cause the engine to overheat. A thorough inspection of all hoses and the springs and coils that prevent them from collapse is warranted. 

A radiator leak can cause a drop in pressure and coolant levels: While a common problem, its resolution is paramount for a functioning truck. With proper regular maintenance, it is easy to repair because most leaks start small. It is important to always have this examined in all routine oil changes.

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