Truck Suspension Repair

We Repair Suspensions

As you tackle the open roads, it’s common to feel the occasional bump as you turn a tight corner or drive on a patch of uneven pavement. While it may be okay to let a bump slide by every once in a while, if you’re noticing it more often than not, your vehicle may have heavy-duty suspension issues. The experts at M&L Truck Service are here to help! Heavy-duty suspension issues develop when your tires receive uneven tread or your alignment seems to be off. This issue causes drivers to feel the bumps and aches of the road and can even result in losing control of your truck. Heavy-duty suspension issues can affect your safety and that of others on the road, so it’s vital to have any problems addressed as soon as possible. Our experienced technicians proudly offer a variety of truck suspension repair services for heavy-duty models. In need of some suspension work? Schedule an appointment with our team today!

Parts Analyzed During Truck Suspension Repair:

– Lift Axles
– Hangers
– Bushing
– Frame
– Frame Corrosion
– Coil Springs
– Shock Absorbers
– Struts
– Any Truck Kit

What Signs Should I Look For?

Wondering if your heavy-duty truck is a candidate for truck suspension repair? The following signs can help you determine if so! Be on the lookout for everyday issues such as:

A Bouncy Ride: Are you noticing more bumps than usual? This factor can be linked to heavy-duty truck suspension issues!

Hard Turns: Having some trouble turning corners? This factor also points to suspension issues.  

Loud or Unusual Noises: Are you noticing you hear the road just as much as you’re feeling it? Come and see us at our truck suspension repair shop!

How Can I Prevent Suspension Issues?

Hoping to avoid suspension issues? By following these easy suggestions, you can greatly reduce the chance of any need for truck suspension repair.

Checking Your Tire Pressure Often: By keeping your tires in good condition, you can help prevent suspension issues!

Participate in Required Maintenance: Is your truck due for a checkup? Stay up-to-date on your required maintenance and repairs.

Avoid Uneven Pavement and Potholes: This one can be a bit tricky, but it’s worth a try! Avoid potholes and uneven payment as much as possible to reduce the need for truck suspension repair.

Lubricate Joints: Do this often to keep your vehicle’s joints in working order!

Experience Superior Service

Here at M&L Truck Service, we take pride in helping our customers keep their heavy-duty trucks in top working condition. Are you in need of truck suspension repair? Schedule an appointment with our experienced service technicians!

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