Does It Matter Where I Service My Vehicle?

Where should you go for truck repair?

With so many choices in the automobile industry, it can be tough to figure out where to service your car. After all… does it REALLY matter where you service your vehicle? The answer to that is most certainly yes! We may be a little biased here being in the car industry but if you want your vehicle to have longevity, it is incredibly important you bring your vehicle to a place that will treat it as a priority. The average length of vehicle ownership for both new and used vehicles has increased 60% in the last 10 years. This tells us that consumers these days care about where they take their vehicle, and for good reason. Like all things good, you want your vehicle to last.

While there are still a large number of people who service their own vehicles (shout out to the handy men and women!), a majority of society doesn’t know how. They usually seek an auto industry professional to fill their need whenever dashboard lights start flashing or their car starts making strange noises. That need however typically comes in two flavors: independent or dealership.

So, which option is best?

Well, the answer truly lies within your situation. Ask yourself if your vehicle has any manufacturer recalls, if your vehicle has a warranty, or if your vehicle requires special parts, repair tools or techniques.

If the answer to any of those questions was “yes”, you may need to go to a specific dealership. If your answer was “no”, your best bet is an independent shop.

What to look for

  • A great track record and glowing reviews
    A company that’s been around the block will have a great reputation. They will have reviews either on social or on their online presence.


  • Transparency!
    A company who is transparent about their qualifications, their expertise, and their team is a company with nothing to hide and skills to back it up.


  • Customer Base
    Nothing is stronger than a review or word of mouth from the community. Customer base and community involvement is a telltale sign whether you’ve got a worthy company to handle your service because it shows their credibility and loyalty.

If you’re on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, you’re in good hands with us here at M&L Truck Service. Contact us today to see how we can help assist your light, medium to heavy-duty truck service.