• photo of truck trailer repair

    Follow these trailer repair tips from the trusted mechanics at M&L Truck Service for the longevity of your big-rig setup! 1. Routinely Check for Air Leaks Be alert for air leaks in your truck and trailer. In general, a hissing sound means air is escaping […]

  • photo of dot truck inspection official with clipboard

    Annual DOT truck inspections can be nerve wracking, especially if you’re not sure if your truck will pass. Below, we’ve compiled the maintenance steps that will help your truck complete the inspection successfully and smoothly! 1) Know If You Need A DOT Truck Inspection The […]

  • photo of vehicles sharing the road safely with semi trucks

    Driving can be scary enough, especially on large or unfamiliar roads. Driving near a massive, multi-ton semi-truck can really up the ante! Below, we’ve outlined how to share the road safely with semi-trucks so that you can get to your destination anxiety-free. Give Semi-Trucks Space […]

  • image of certified truck mechanic working on suspension

    Reliability to Keep You Rolling: SMOOTHLY! Completing quality truck suspension repairs is crucial to a smooth, comfortable ride for your medium- or heavy-duty truck. Over time, wear and tear can reduce your suspension’s performance and result in reduced performance, safety concerns, and increased maintenance costs. […]

  • photo of transmission repair service

    Your Heavy-Duty Experts At M&L, we know that your truck is more than just a truck. For many drivers, it’s a source of income, a mobile office, and a home away from home. That is why we are extremely serious about truck maintenance and repair. […]

  • photo of heavy and medium duty truck maintenance

    Truck Maintenance Tips A wise person once said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is certainly true when it comes to truck maintenance! Keeping your vehicle in ship-shape condition is not only important for your business, but for everyone’s safety as […]

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