5 Ways to Choose the Wrong Engine Air Filter Replacement

Choosing the wrong engine air filter replacement is, unfortunately, pretty easy to do. At M&L, we want to make sure you avoid these common pitfalls when replacing your engine air filter.

#1. Putting Cost Over Quality

The most common mistake people make when looking for a new filter is valuing a low cost over the quality of the part. However, some inexpensive options suffer from lowered quality. They can let particles through (defeating the purpose of the filter entirely!) or they can wear out too quickly. It’s worth investing in a quality engine air filter replacement — contact our parts department for recommendations of reputable brands.

engine air filter replacement

#2. Choosing the Wrong Size

One very important factor in your decision will be making sure it is compatible with your make and model. Check your owner’s manual for any other pertinent information you may need to know about engine air filter replacement in your specific vehicle. Be sure to verify compatibility with the new filter you are considering. There are several tools online to help you find the right size.

#3. Installing the Filter Backward

One thing we frequently see with customers who do their engine air filter replacement themselves is a backward installation. The flow of air is intended to go in one direction only, so installing it backward will make the part totally ineffective. If you’re not sure which way is right, check the packaging and the owner’s manual for your vehicle. If you still aren’t sure, give us a call and our team will be happy to help!

#4. Failing to Re-Fasten Closures

Your engine air filter goes in a specific housing, which often has latches or clasps to secure it closed. Be sure that everything is tightly buttoned up before you finish your work!

Semi truck ready for engine air filter replacement

#5. Improper Installation

These are the most common pitfalls we see with customers installing an engine air filter replacement themselves. However, if you want to save time and hassle — and be sure it’s installed correctly the first time — schedule this service with our expert mechanics. We’ll get you in and out of the shop before you know it!

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