Fleet Management

Fleet management is a crucial part of any business that relies on vehicles to keep on rolling. Scheduling routine maintenance, keeping up with preventative service, and dealing with roadside break-downs can have even the best fleet managers tearing their hair out in frustration!

That’s where M&L comes in. We proudly provide a variety of truck and trailer services and special pricing for fleet managers. When our expert technicians complete your vehicle repairs, you can get back on the road with confidence. 

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Mobile Service Truck

Meet the M&L Mobile Service Truck, here to rescue you from the side of the road! Whether it’s a bird flown into a windshield or a punctured tire, our team will head out to your location* and get you patched up. Our Mobile Service Truck is equipped with jacks, wrenches, and other vital shop tools, so we can help with most scenarios right then and there. If your truck requires more heavy-duty attention, such as engine replacement, you’ll have to get a tow to the shop where our Konecrane is!

*Location must be within 60 driving miles of the M&L Truck Service shop in Federalsburg, MD.

Warranty Service

Our team handles any warranty issues if parts fail or malfunction. We also cover the core cost to get the part back to the manufacturer. This will take a load off your plate if you’re dealing with fleet management, and we’re happy to help! Even if you don’t get your vehicle serviced at M&L, our parts department is still available for you to shop from (and yes, we’ll still deal with those warranty headaches!). The only time we do not offer a warranty is if you bring us an outside part to use for your repair.

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