As an owner-operator or fleet manager, you know that a truck in the shop creates a loss in productivity. That’s why, as your business partner, we place the utmost priority on providing you with reliable truck repairs that will get you back on the road quickly. Schedule your appointment today and experience the “Reliability to Keep You Rolling!”

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Quality Truck Repairs

So, you noticed a real issue with your semi-truck. We’re talking the big stuff: engines, transmissions, and the like. When these crucial components go “kaput”, you don’t want just anyone taking a crack at the repairs:  you want an experienced mechanic, preferably with lots of experience in just this type of work.

That’s where M&L Truck Service comes in. Our technicians have access to the highest quality diagnostic tools and truck repair equipment available, including our Konecrane. Whether you’re needing your engine or transmission repaired, rebuilt, or completely replaced: our mechanics have over 100 years of combined experience under their belts to help get the job done right.

Trailer Repairs, Too

We don’t just stop at truck repairs, either. We service all types of trailers, from flatbeds to step decks and even lowboys. Bring us that faulty trailer and we’ll provide whatever service it needs, from DOT trailer inspections to electrical wiring repairs to suspension service.

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Your Trusted Dream Team

Our technicians are very diverse in age, giving you the best possible results. Our older teammates have decades upon decades of practical, hands-on experience, while our younger techs have a hunger to learn and grow. Together, they work hard to ensure you get the best of both worlds — and leave the shop with your repairs completed as good as new.