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5 Ways Getting an Annual Semi Truck Alignment Saves Money

Your annual semi truck alignment isn’t just good for the overall health of your heavy-duty truck; it can save you money, too. Below, our expert mechanics have listed the top 5 ways that your annual semi-truck alignment can save you big in the long run.

#1. Less Tire Wear & Tear

One sign that you might need an alignment sooner rather than later is if one side of the tire is wearing much faster than the other. When this happens, you’ll have to replace the affected tires before their expected lifespan. Therefore, proper alignment can help your tires last longer — saving you money on early replacements. It can also be dangerous to drive on a weakened tire, so if you’re having these issues, our expert mechanics can perform the services to keep you rolling.

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#2. Improves Fuel Efficiency

Bad alignment creates something called rolling resistance, which will make your heavy or medium-duty engine have to work that much harder just to keep moving. Prioritizing your annual alignment appointment can make sure that you’re not experiencing any rolling resistance, which will optimize your fuel economy. This will save you at the pump and on wear and tear to your engine and other systems!

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#3. Extends Vehicle Lifespan

As mentioned above, improper alignment makes your engine work harder. However, it also puts more strain on your suspension and steering systems. There are not many components that won’t be affected by poor wheel alignment! Trusting our team to get you aligned will ensure that your vehicle’s lifespan is as long and healthy as possible.

#4. Reduces Down Time in the Shop

All owner-operators know that a truck sitting in the shop equals less money in your pocket. Routine maintenance, including semi-truck alignments, prevent major issues before they happen. One quick maintenance appointment is a lot easier (and cheaper) than days or even weeks of intensive repairs!

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#5. Prevents Accidents

Lastly and most importantly, proper alignment prevents accidents. When you have to fight your steering wheel turning one way, it’s much easier to create a vehicle accident by going over the road lines. It will make it harder to park, which can result in more accidents with stationary objects. To stay safe (and save money on body repairs or even whole truck replacements), it’s wise to keep up with your annual alignment.

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Getting and staying aligned is not only the smart thing to do — it’s cost-efficient, too! Make your annual semi-truck alignment appointment below:

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Meet M&L Heavy-Duty Truck Mechanic, Jack Wilson

Truck technician Jack Wilson is our resident alignment specialist. He is also an excellent engine rebuilder and thorough MD State Inspector. His first car was a 1984 Chevy K10 and his favorite tool is the 3/8″ Impact Gun.