Leading Causes of Semi Truck Breakdowns

Semi Truck Breakdown

Stopping A Semi Truck Breakdown

M&L Truck Service has provided our surrounding communities with commercial truck repairs and inspections since 1963. As experienced repair technicians, we know the importance of semi-truck safety. There are some extra measures to take as a truck driver, and we will dive into semi-truck breakdown causes and how to avoid them. Here are the areas to check on your truck:

The Tires

Breakdowns are not always avoidable, but certain measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of them happening. The number one area to zone in on is your truck’s tires. To avoid a semi-truck breakdown, check that your tires are in good shape. Besides getting a flat, most tires experience wear and tear from axles that are not appropriately aligned, low tread depth, and underinflation. If you think something isn't right with your tires, take your truck to our experts, and we’ll get to the root cause!

Semi Truck Breakdown

The Electrical System

Another way to prevent a semi-truck breakdown is by checking the motor, battery, and alternator to see if they’re operating correctly. Some potential factors affecting your system could be a corroded battery connection or, in short, a dead battery. Pay attention to any flickering lights, clicking noises, or unusual odors when you’re behind the wheel, as this could be a sign of a problem with your electrical system. Once you bring your truck in, we’ll scope every inch of your truck’s electrical system to ensure it’s safe and ready to go!

The Brake System

Just behind the tires, a commercial truck’s brakes are another significant cause of semi-truck breakdowns. With the constant heat and pressure the brakes endure, it’s important to monitor their status. Bring your truck to us immediately if your brake warning light comes on, you hear squeaking or grinding noises when coming to a stop, or if your brakes feel wobbly or spongy. Some common brake issues typically include air leaks and, over time, corrosion. Don't delay if you sense an issue with your brakes; come see our experts in diagnosing and repairing brake issues, which can be life threatening to yourself and others on the road. 

Semi Truck Breakdown

Check Your Trailers

Your trailer is another component to monitor when preventing a semi-truck breakdown. Keep an eye on the flatbed and pay close attention if you have any refrigerated or reefer units. It’s essential to check your trailers routinely, just like any other part of your truck. Ensure that any chains, directionals, running lights, brakes, and the electrical system are all functioning and secured. Never load a trailer that is of a larger capacity than your cab is capable of hauling, and always try your best to avoid debris or hazards that could impair your truck or trailer.

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These are just a few things on your truck that you can check for to prevent any issues on the road. The best way to avoid your semi-truck from breaking down is by getting routine maintenance and inspections done, and we happen to be experts in that category! Contact M&L Truck Service, and we’ll inspect all areas of your commercial truck and perform in-depth maintenance and repairs if needed. That's the "Reliability to Keep You Rolling"!

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