OSHA Crane Inspection

Do you need a crane inspection? Most cranes will require an OSHA Inspection at least once a year by a qualified crane inspector. We inspect all functions to ensure safety and functionality during operation. Keep reading for a complete checklist and more information about OSHA crane inspections.

Crane Inspection Checklist

During your appointment, we will review all operating mechanisms, including:

  • Wear Points
  • Labeling
  • Cable
  • Winch
  • Wire Rope
  • Hardware
  • Lines
  • Tanks
  • Valves
  • Hydraulic Systems

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The Importance of Crane Inspections

According to OSHA regulations, all active overhead cranes are required to be inspected annually. Daily or weekly usage can wear out important crane components. Wear and tear on a crane is no different than on a vehicle, it can lead to a breakdown – or worse, a dangerous failure that puts you, your team or your company at high risk. Scheduling overhead crane inspections can avoid any catastrophic break downs and additionally help identify potential problems. This is why it is an important matter of safety to have your crane inspected by a professional.

The Certification Process

We have 3 technicians here at M&L Truck Service who are certified to perform crane inspections. Part of their certification included hours of training in both a classroom and in field prior to completing a written test. They gained hands-on experience of crane maintenance, servicing and repairing, modifying and functional testing of cranes and hoist equipment.

How Long Will My Inspection Take?

We will complete the inspection fairly quickly considering the detailed process and wrap up within 3 hours. Here at M&L Truck Service, we monitor when your equipment is due for an annual inspection so we can schedule it with your normal maintenance to avoid extra unnecessary trips.

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