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The Ultimate Maintenance Schedule to Avoid Costly Semi Truck Repair

Discover how to prevent and avoid costly semi truck repair below with a maintenance schedule from our expert mechanics.

Semi Truck Repair Check: Every 7,500 Miles

Dry Service

Our mechanics recommend scheduling a dry service at least every 7,500 miles. We complete this by checking your brakes, tire pressure, and most crucial elements for any signs of wear and tear. This will help prevent any catastrophic failures on the road before they happen, saving you time and hassle.

Semi Truck Service: Every 15,000 Miles

Wet Service

At least every 15,000 miles, you should bring your semi to M&L for a wet service. This is a full, in-depth maintenance of all components in your truck including oils, filters, and more. Our mechanics will be able to identify any truck parts and components you need to replace. Keeping up with this service is imperative to ensure that your big rig works properly for years to come.

Inspection of Truck Systems: Every Year, or Every 25,000 Miles

State DOT Inspection

Your annual DOT inspection will also help catch truck issues early. When you book a DOT inspection, we look at every system that contributes to the proper and safe operation of your vehicle. Completing your inspections on schedule is not only required by the state, but will also help you identify any problems that may be bubbling up underneath your hood.

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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

While your maintenance routine is ultimately up to you, we recommend following this high-level maintenance guide to prevent larger problems down the road. Especially with as many miles as truck drivers put on the road, quality semi truck repair and preventive maintenance is crucial. These types of routine checks can ensure that wear and tear is addressed before it becomes costly and dangerous. Our team is always happy to help, and scheduling is easy: just click the button below!

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