Transmission Repair in Maryland

Heavy-Duty Truck Transmission Repair

Are you having transmission issues? When you need transmission repairs in Maryland, M&L Truck Service has you covered! Your vehicle’s transmission is responsible for monitoring and adjusting the gear ratio between the powertrain and wheels to help balance power and speed. Our repair process is seamless due to our highly trained professionals and the intelligent software and equipment used to increase efficiency and safety. Our truck repair technicians have years of experience in ensuring the best results. We offer unparalleled service on light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks, and specialty vehicles, always keeping your best interest in mind. You can benefit from our transmission repair service in many ways, including cost, effectiveness, and time. Learn more about our repair process, then contact your go-to transmission repair shop in Maryland for dependable service.

Specialized Equipment 

Our repair process uses an overhead crane called a Konecrane to flawlessly remove the transmission from the vehicle. Our Konecrane is equipped with safety features, and software that puts the production process in our control while optimizing crane movement and reducing the chance of human error. For example, the hoist synchronization mode enables the exact alignment from beginning to end, sway control, and positioning, and area control features that help to accurately adapt the crane to the physical layout of our production line. Our intuitive transmission repairs in Maryland offer a reliable place to bring your vehicle for servicing. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Schedule Transmission Repairs in Maryland

M&L Truck Service is here to assist you with top-notch transmission repairs. We understand how crucial your time is, especially with fleets, and we guarantee we will get you back rolling on the road in no time. Schedule your transmission repairs in Maryland today by calling us at 410-754-5531 or filling out the Request An Appointment form on our website.

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