Telltale Signs for Truck Repair

How to tell when I need truck repair?

From towing wrecked vehicles to transporting large items, it’s never been a question the asset that trucks are to a variety of businesses. But such tasks, along with strong weather conditions, can wear down trucks over time. Be aware of these few telltale signs so you know just when to bring your truck in for repair.

Unusual Body Roll

If you start to notice your truck rolling a bit more than usual around corners and during a heavy load transport, be sure to make an appointment for a check-up. The cause could be as simple as uneven tire wear but could be more serious such as shock absorbers or an alignment issue.

Leaking Fluids

Smell a strong odor while driving your truck? A strong odor is usually a symptom of a fluid leak, be sure to pull over and inspect immediately. Checking the fluid reservoirs of your truck is a good place to start and then handing it over to a truck repair expert to handle the rest.

Brake Response

If you’re noticing your truck’s brakes responding slowly as you press on the pedal or if the brake warning on the dashboard is lit up, it’s a good idea to bring your truck into the shop for a technician to assess and solve the problem. Healthy brakes are essential to heavy-duty trucks and road safety.

Unusual Sounds

Hearing a loud crack, grind or squeal while you’re driving? This is a good telltale sign it’s time to bring your vehicle in for service. Every vehicle will make sounds here and there but if you’re hearing the same obnoxious sound every time you make a right turn or come to a stop, there’s a chance it could be an underlying issue and is something that should be looked into.

Uneven Tire Treads

Next time you’re outside take a peek at your vehicle tires. If you notice the tread is starting to wear down on your tires or you see any balding spots, this is a sure sign that the suspension isn’t holding your vehicle correctly. And that it’s time for tire service from your truck repair expert.

If you notice any of the above signs, be sure to give us a call here at M&L Truck Service for a full check and analysis. For generations, we’ve been servicing our Delmarva neighbors’ vehicles and would love to help you with your next visit. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.